Work Experience Opportunities

If you are interested in working with the technical team

The Playhouse does accept applications for work experience from school and college students, from within the borough and its close neighbours. Please read the following if you are considering applying.

Epsom Playhouse has always been a receiving house. This means we only 'receive' touring shows or hire the space out to members of the public or amateur societies. We don’t ‘produce’ shows from scratch. Because of this we don't have any of the departments that create shows from the very start – wardrobe, make-up, props, scenic construction, painting etc, so we can’t offer experience in those areas.

Applicants for the work experience scheme must have an interest in technical theatre or administration, and not just an interest in acting, singing or dancing, as there will be no opportunities to work with or meet the casts, or to perform!

If you do get accepted on our work experience scheme you will be able to work with us and see how the technical department runs including lighting, sound, stage management and flying. Also you may work with the box office to see how tickets are sold and the duty manager to see how they work - from opening the house to the end of the show.

You will be expected to work as part of our team and act in a responsible manner at all times whilst at work with us.

If you would like to apply for a placement please write to or email Simon Banks. Any enquiries should be made by the person seeking the placement, rather than by parents, school advisors etc.

The programme of events at the Playhouse is such that we are only able to offer placements on a very limited number of weeks of the year, so applicants must be able to give dates of the specific week they are applying for.

Please remember when you contact us that we work irregular shifts and unsocial hours, so we may not be able to reply very quickly.

Placements must be arranged with the consent of the student's school or college, and are for one week's duration. Ongoing, 'one-day-per-week' placements are not possible. We do not offer work experience during any school holidays.