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The Comedy Club As Seen on TV Presents... Oct

Friday 23rd October 2020

Comedy Club on the Road! Celebrating 24 years of bringing Laughter to Life!

The Comedy Club is one of the most recognised & respected names in the comedy Industry and over the years has worked across the UK and Abroad with the best of the best. For some very special nights in 2020 they have hand-picked some of their favourite Five Star Laughter makers in the UK & brought them together for you in one full show!

Be prepared, get buckled up & get ready for one of the funniest nights of your life!


Friday 23 7:30pm    buy tickets

Christmas Memories 2020 (Formally Land of Hope & Glory)

Friday 6th November 2020

The original show 'Land of hope and glory has been rescheduled from 30th June to 6th November (Christmas Memories). 

All tickets will be transferred automatically.  If revised date is not suitable please contact the box office.

Comedy, Music

Friday 06 2:30pm    buy tickets

Epsom Players present Shrek The Musical

Tuesday 17th - Sat 21st November 2020

This production has been rescheduled to Tuesday 17th - Saturday 21st November 2020. Your tickets will be transferred automatically. If unable to attend revised date please contact Box Office.

With regard to the latest government guidelines, we are actively considering our next steps, updates will follow

Based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film, Shrek The Musical brings the fairytale to life in this all-singing, all-dancing, visually-spectacular musical comedy.

Comedy, Dance, Drama, Family, Music

Tuesday 17 7:30pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 18 7:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 19 7:30pm    buy tickets

Friday 20 7:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 6:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 1:00pm    buy tickets


Saturday 21st November 2020

Join award-winning musical comedy performer Hannah Brackenbury as she returns to present a joyful and poignant musical tribute to the late, great comedy genius Victoria Wood after a sell out first show at The Epsom Playhouse. Winner of Best Show (Funny Women Awards 2019) and Best of the Festival (Brighton Fringe 2018), this hilarious and uplifting hour-long show celebrates the life and musical work of a much-missed British comedy icon.

Comedy, Music

Saturday 21 8:00pm    buy tickets

Santa's Christmas Cracker 2020

Saturday 5th to Thursday 24th December 2020

What magic is hidden inside Santa’s Christmas Crackers?
Will you help Dotty the Elf to pull them and cast their special spell?
And can they help Pompom the Penguin learn all about the magic of Christmas?

Every child wants to visit Father Christmas’s home at the North Pole and in Santa’s Christmas Cracker they can do just that!

Comedy, Family, Music

Saturday 05 10:00am    buy tickets

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Beauty and The Beast - Panto 2020

Saturday 12th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021

'Best Panto 2020 Winner' Spillers Pantomimes are delighted to be returning to the Playhouse once again with another spectacular Production.  

This year 'Beauty & The Beast' promises to be the best ever, with something for the whole family.  A truly traditional panto delivered in a modern style; packed full of comedy, laughter, dancing, custard pies and mayhem. 

Comedy, Dance, Drama, Family, Music

Saturday 12 7:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 12 11:00am    buy tickets

Saturday 12 3:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 13 1:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 13 5:00pm    buy tickets

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Ed Byrne If I'm Honest

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tuesday 19th January 2021.

Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest….
Join Ed as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY traits that are worth passing on to his children.
Ed Byrne presents his brand-new masterclass in observational comedy hot on the heels of his 17/18 Touring hit, Spoiler Alert!
A TV household name, in the past year Ed has appeared on Live At The Apollo (Host, BBC), Mock The Week (BBC), The Pilgrimage (BBC), Top Gear (BBC) and QI (BBC).


Tuesday 19 8:00am    buy tickets

James Phelan: Troublemaker 2021

Thursday 4th February 2021

Viral sensation and star of BBC Radio, James Phelan presents a unique magical prank show that is both jaw dropping and laugh out loud funny!
Troublemaker is a mind-blowing rollercoaster filled with mystery and hilarity – from mind-reading outrageous confessions from members of the audience, to risking the safety of iPhones.

Comedy, Family

Thursday 04 7:30pm    buy tickets

Milton Jones - Milton Impossible

Thursday 11th Februray 2021

One man. One Mission. Is it possible? No, not really.

Him with the shirts from Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and Radio 4.

Milton reveals the truth about being an international spy, before being given a disappointing new identity which forced him to appear on Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo.

But this is also a love story with the twist, or even a really bad sprain.

Just gloriously daft nonsense or is there a deeper meaning? Every man has his price. Sainsburys, where good food costs less.


Thursday 11 7:30pm    buy tickets

Lucy Porter - Be Prepared (9th May)

Saturday 13th February 2021

TV favourite Lucy returns with another fantastic stand-up show.

At Brownies, Lucy thought she’d be prepared for anything as long as she had her emergency 10p for a phone box, and knew how to tie a Fisherman’s knot.

Life turned out to be slightly more complicated than Brown Owl let on.

‘A treat from start to finish’ - The Herald

‘Impeccably punch-lined anecdotes… genuinely delightful‘ - The Telegraph

Recent TV includes Would I Lie to You, QI and Impossible, she’s a regular on Radio 4’s News Quiz and The Now Show.


Saturday 13 8:00pm    buy tickets

Lucy Porter - Be Prepared (28th May)

Saturday 13th March 2021

TV favourite Lucy returns with another fantastic stand-up show.

At Brownies, Lucy thought she’d be prepared for anything as long as she had her emergency 10p for a phone box, and knew how to tie a Fisherman’s knot.

Life turned out to be slightly more complicated than Brown Owl let on.

‘A treat from start to finish’ - The Herald

‘Impeccably punch-lined anecdotes… genuinely delightful‘ - The Telegraph

Recent TV includes Would I Lie to You, QI and Impossible, she’s a regular on Radio 4’s News Quiz and The Now Show.


Saturday 13 8:00pm    buy tickets

The Sooty Show

Thursday 8th April 2021

Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy! Join Sooty for his brand new Laugh Out Loud Magic Show! 

Direct from their hit ITV series, Sooty, Sweep and Soo and TV’s Richard Cadell will amaze you with impossible tricks and sidesplitting jokes! Be astounded at Sooty's flying car, Soo’s singing unicorn and Sweep’s levitating sausage! 

With special guests circus star Michael Jordan and the ultraviolet specialties of Fantasie de la Nuit. 

A spectacular treat for the whole family – including a chance to meet Richard and Sooty after the show! Book now!

Comedy, Family

Thursday 08 11:00am    buy tickets

Thursday 08 2:30pm    buy tickets

Scummy Mummies

Thursday 2nd September 2021

Join comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn as they celebrate the scummier side of parenting, from drinking wine at teatime to hiding from the PTA. Expect stand-up, sketches, songs and some very scummy stories. Guaranteed to make parents laugh and non-parents happy about their life choices. Based on the hit Scummy Mummies podcast and bestselling book.


Thursday 02 7:30pm    buy tickets

That'll Be The Day Oct 2021

Monday 13th September 2021

Don’t miss the UK’s best touring Rock & Roll variety show on the road

today.... That’ll Be The Day.

You’re in for three hours of brilliant entertainment from start to finish featuring hits from the golden age of pop music mixed with a whole lot of fun and laughs along the way.

A guaranteed top night out. Trevor, Gary and the gang never disappoint.

Come and join us.




Comedy, Music

Monday 13 7:30pm    buy tickets

Emily Atack: Has Left The Group

Wednesday 29th September 2021

Emily Atack is back with a brand-spanking new show!

She’s said goodbye to her carefree twenties and is now wondering what life is like as a mature, responsible grown up... if she finds one, she’ll ask. 
Until then she’ll be bringing her trademark humour, honesty and playfulness to explore everything from work to dating to her latest obsession… leaving the WhatsApp Group.

Join Emily this autumn for her famous anecdotes and range of impressions, for what promises to be a truly incredible night. 

TW: @EmAtack | INSTA: @emilyatackofficial

Comedy, Talks

Wednesday 29 8:00pm    buy tickets

Sh*t Faced Shakespeare®: Romeo and Juliet

Thursday 14th October 2021

The smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, multi sell-out fringe phenomenon is touring the UK with one of Shakespeare's most loved plays: Romeo and Juliet.

Sh*t-faced Shakespeare is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious adaptation of a Shakespearean classic, with an entirely sh*t-faced cast member.

Comedy, Drama

Thursday 14 8:00pm    buy tickets