Hiring Technical Equipment

Hiring our equipment out, or hiring extra equipment in...


Hiring Our Equipment Out

The Playhouse has a range of theatre lighting and sound equipment, much of which is available for hire to use outside of the venue if it is not in use.

Equipment includes

  • Conventional lanterns - profiles, fresnels, PARs & floods
  • Lighting control
  • Lighting rigging - stands & scaff bars
  • Lighting cable & multicore
  • Mics
  • DI boxes
  • Audio cable & multicore
  • Mixing desks
  • Amplifiers & speakers.

For prices, availability and details of other equipment, please contact us.


Hiring Additional Equipment In

We can help hirers to source and specify equipment needed for their productions that the Playhouse does not have in its stock, and can liaise with hire companies if requested. Unfortunately we cannot hire equipment on behalf of hirers.


Charges for Playhouse Equipment

The basic technical charge, levied per rehearsal or performance, covers use of all the technical infrastructure and most of the techncial equipment of the venue. Items which will incur extra charges are listed in the Internal Charges document in the navigation bar.